Subhan’Allah May Allah grant us husn al-dhann (good opinion of others).

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As-salamu `alaykum wa rahmatullah

I read somewhere that one of the Tabi’in once said to his companion,

“My heart no longer leans towards so-and-so.” His friend then replied, “Me neither, but what do you know, perhaps Allah has blotted out our hearts so we no longer have love for the righteous people.”

Subhan’Allah… husn al-dhann (good opinion of others).

Sometimes, a person will mistakenly begin to look down upon another and harbour bad thoughts and feelings against them. But they don’t realise that perhaps this is a righteous person and one favoured by Allah and the reality is that it is their heart which has become blotted and has thus turned away from the Salihin.

This is a very thought-provoking statement as it shows the importance of husn al-dhann, looking at things positively and in a reflective manner, and not raising one’s self above another in any way.

May Allah…

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As-salamu `alaykum wa rahmatullah

A nice reminder I received from a friend (may Allah reward you). Thought it’d be beneficial to share it with others.

Five Reasons why Allah uses problems

The problems you face will either defeat you or develop you – depending on how you respond to them. Unfortunately, most people fail to see how Allah wants to use problems for good in their lives. They react foolishly and resent their problems rather than pausing to consider what benefit they might bring.

Here are five ways Allah wants to use the problems in your life:

1. Allah uses problems to DIRECT you.
Sometimes God must light a fire under you to get you moving. Problems often point us in a new direction and motivate us to change. Is God trying to get your attention? “Sometimes it takes a painful situation to make us change our ways.”

2. Allah…

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AWere it not for you, O Muhammad, I would not have created the universe! »dd your thoughts here… (optional)

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As-salamu `alaykum wa rahmatullah

I was reading Imam al-Shafi’i’s book of poetry and came across some thought-provoking entries…

بقَدْرِ الكدِّ تُكتَسَبُ المَعَالي *** ومَنْ طَلبَ العُلا سَهِرَ اللّيالي
ومَنْ رامَ العُلى مِن غَيرِ كَدٍّ *** أضَاعَ العُمرَ في طَلَبِ المُحَالِ
تَرُومُ العِزَّ ثم تَنامُ لَيلاً *** يَغُوصُ البَحْرَ مَن طَلَبَ اللآلي

Loftiness is attained in accordance to one’s struggles
And whoever seeks nobility, remains vigilant by night
Whoever wishes to achieve, without due effort
Will waste their life in seeking the impossible
You search for glory and yet you sleep at night
It is only the seeker of pearls who dives deep into the sea.


قالوا : سكت و قد خوصمت، قلت لهم: *** ان الجواب لباب الشر مفتاح
الصمت عن جاهل أو أحمق شرف *** و فيه أيضا لصون العرض إصلاح
أما ترى الاسد تُخشى و هي صامتة ؟! *** والكلب يخسى لعمري و هو نباح

They said…

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Jazak Allah khaire,
These points are really helpful.Writing what i have learnt so far has really helped.

Quran For Busy People

To read this article on our new, updated, all-round better website, please click here. 

In this post, you’ll learn one of the most effective strategies I’ve ever come across for doing your hifz of the Quran and building a very close relationship with Allah (swt) in the process…


If you want TONNES of more effective strategies to achieve each of your personal Quran goals, check out…


So, this hifz technique was taught by the Algerian Shaykh Zakariya al-Siddiqi who teaches at the Institute of Human Sciences in France and is one of the foremost scholars of Quran today.

He memorised it by the age of 9 and dedicated his life to studying and teaching it, and he once told us the story of one of his friends. His friend was an engineering student, who was a ‘Fresher’ about to embark on a 5 year degree. Let’s call him Ahmed…

Ahmed was an intelligent student who followed one of the oft-forgotten Sunnah’s of Success…

Quran Memorization Tip 1: Wake Up Early

He woke up earlier than…

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As-salamu `alaykum wa rahmatullah

Tarbiyyah Focus:-

Sometimes, it is the case that Allah opens up a person’s heart and sparks it with zeal, motivation, determination and He gives it a burst of enthusiasm. He blesses his slaves with high aspirations and drives them towards good deeds until… Shaytan recognises this tremendous gift and he in turn rushes to stop such a well-driven believer. He launches his army against him, but then Allah `azza wa jall by His Mercy and Power protects His slave and helps him overcome the plots of Shaytan;

“Indeed My Slaves, you have no authority over them, except those who follow you of the deviators.” [al-Hijr: 42]

And so the slave of Allah is forever in a battle; between fighting the grip of Shaytan and between hastening onwards to achieve his goals and aspirations.

We have to learn to recognize this pattern that often occurs the moment…

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As-salamu `alaykum wa rahmatullah

When your heart feels so free it soars in the sky.
So light and weightless, as if carried by Angels of Mercy and Glad-tidings.
Mind of purity and clarity.
Vision that’s clear of clouds.
No mist. No chains.
No burdens or pains.
Hands are freed up, speech flows again.
You can breathe.
Time is blessed, lands are blessed.
Days are a beauty and nights pass in serenity.
God’s creatures smile as if to acknowledge the bliss.
Even the trees rustle; I can hear their tasbih.
Gratitude only increases the goodness, as if the Promise is more than just that.
It’s a certainty.
It’s freedom. Freedom from the world.
But the world’s inexperienced want to define it.
They are baffled. The more the tests, the happier we become.
Allah gives it to some so they enter the Paradise of this world before the Next.

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