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As-salamu ‘alaykum wa rahmatullah

I saw this poem pinned up on the wall of a masjid as I passed through a town. Very wise words indeed…


Be Cautious Of…

“Be cautious of humiliating an honourable person
Or embarrassing an intelligent one.
Be cautious of ennobling a despicable person
Or joking with a foolish one

Or indeed living with an immoral being…

I have truly tasted all pleasures in life
But I did not find anything sweeter than wellbeing.
And I have tasted all burdens in life
But I did not find anything bitter than being in need of people
And I have carried both iron and stone
But I did not find anything more burdensome than debt

You should know that life is but two days;
A day in your favour and a day against you

So if it is in your favour, do not become proud
And if…

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