|-| Fajr |-|

As-salamu `alaykum wa rahmatullah

When your heart feels so free it soars in the sky.
So light and weightless, as if carried by Angels of Mercy and Glad-tidings.
Mind of purity and clarity.
Vision that’s clear of clouds.
No mist. No chains.
No burdens or pains.
Hands are freed up, speech flows again.
You can breathe.
Time is blessed, lands are blessed.
Days are a beauty and nights pass in serenity.
God’s creatures smile as if to acknowledge the bliss.
Even the trees rustle; I can hear their tasbih.
Gratitude only increases the goodness, as if the Promise is more than just that.
It’s a certainty.
It’s freedom. Freedom from the world.
But the world’s inexperienced want to define it.
They are baffled. The more the tests, the happier we become.
Allah gives it to some so they enter the Paradise of this world before the Next.

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